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How do you remove a mole at home with the floss method?

i've heard of removing moles at home using dental floss and tying it off but i haven't read anywhere clear instructions like how long to leave the floss on for how to to treat the area, etc. any ideas? thanks!

How do you remove a mole at home with the floss method?
You need to be sure what it is you're removing. The "mole" that's a skin tag can be taken off with dental floss or thread. You make an overhand knot, like the first step of tying your shoes and put the loop over the skin tag. Pull it to tighten it around the skin tag and make a knot. It will sting a little if it's tight enough, but don't tie it like you're trying to cut it off with a garrotte. Put triple antibiotic on it daily and in about 4 days, it will turn black like a scab and fall off.

One thing to keep in mind: The thread (or dental floss) will not be removable until the skin tag falls off. Clip the long ends needed to handle the thread so they won't draw attention.

Best wishes, by the way. It just worked for me within the past 2 weeks. But it's got to be a skin tag (a kind of fleshy extension of skin) and not some other kind of blemish.
Reply:Call your doctor. I had an aunt that pretty much had hers frozen off. Its painful, but it worked.
Reply:my aunt clips them off with fingernail clippers.... yeah see a doctor hahaha
Reply:DONT! you need to see a dermatolagist, there could be more to the mole than you know, sometimes they go further into the tissue than is visibly apparent, not to mention the possible infection and scarring you could have.
Reply:You should never remove moles. You need to go see a dermatologist to do this procedure the correct way. It can cause cancer if you do it incorrectly and on your own.
Reply:I wouldn't recommend it as there is always a slight possibilty that a mole could be malignant or cancerous. If you feel that it needs to be removed, you should schedule an appointment with a dermatologist who can safely remove it and biopsy it to determine whether or not it might be cancerous.
Reply:That sounds like a recipe for disaster!! Please see a doctor - if the mole is big enough to remove, then it's big enough to need a doctor's attention. Don't forget that it could be the start of skin cancer, and that's not something you can remove with dental floss!!
Reply:this is gross and I couldnt do it, but you tie it tight enough so that it cuts off the blood supply. You leave it there until the mole dries up and falls off... so I guess it depends on the size of the mole.. be careful
Reply:o gosh hun, please dont do that yourself, i have never heard this for a mole, but i have heard it for hemroids, but never for a mole. go to a doc, or dermatologist. its not safe to do that at home, you could bleed badly
Reply:Don't do this on your face. I had some kind of skin cancer from the sun. I had a mole from this on a top personal part of my skin. Oh no, not there. I read on the enet. I took tweezers and dug it out, all out, it bled, then I put an onion skin on it. Gone, you can never tell it was ever there. I had seen the doctor twice to be absolutely sure of what it was. It's not the kind of cance that can kill you. Do not use sun tan booths. I never had this till then. I have them on my legs. ok. but not there. All gone now. I know this sounds awful. But I read it on the enet and it worked. I also put hydroderm on it after. All gone. See the doctor first, to be possitive of what it is, and that it's nothing more than just a stupid mole, nothing that could hurt you, please! I don't think floss will work, because moles are like warts, and they have a core down deep. You have to get that out completely, or it will come back. Or you can go to the drugstore and buy something for moles. My daughter told me you can put duct tape on a mole and leave it there, and it will work, I don't know about that? She says a lot of stuff I don't know about, but you could try it. It all depends on where it is, also.
Reply:This is dangerous because when you have a mole removed in the doctors office it is then sent for a biopsy to rule out cancer.

You can also get an infection or cause excessive bleeding.
Reply:Please, please don't even try this. I had what they call a seed mole on the back of my leg that I remember always having. The older I got the bigger. I heard of this old remety and tried it, It did not became bigger and started turning black and became very sore!!! I ended up taking off what then was a string and going to my family doctor. They romoved it right there in the office by cutting it. It was completely painless, it took care of it haven't had any problems since. And all it cost was the office visit

fee to my doctor. Please take my advise doing this could cause more serious problems. Hope this helps!
Reply:Removing moles with dental floss, I have to say that is the most idiotic thing I have ever heard in my life....Do you know some moles can't be removed, some are cancerous,and some can make you bleed to death...that is so dangerous what you are about to attempt, literally I can see you winding up in the emergency room...If this sounds scary, this is my intention...Let the professionals take care of it, any dermatologist would be glad to talk and remove it for you. When you do go to the dermatologist please tell him what you were about to try I'm quite sure he can tell you of all the dangers of removing a mole yourself. Please don't do that!!!!!!! I am wondering, are you thinking of warts instead of moles.....2 entirely different things.

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